How to build an antique bar-cart with an antique wall clock

An antique bar, bar-top and bar-cave in the middle of the city, and a couple of shelves for books, furniture and other objects, will cost $2,500 when you buy them at the local antique bookstore.

These pieces of furniture will last a lifetime and make for a very unique dining and living space in the neighborhood.

It’s hard to beat an antique that looks like a book, like the one that was once a bookshop, says the owner of the Antique Bookstore of Philadelphia.

In an effort to make these objects more attractive, the owner is selling them for $2.50 each.

That’s an average of $25.

And there are some nice items on sale for a good price, too.

The owner is offering a set of the antique wall clocks at $2 each.

It features a wooden frame with a curved back and sides and a rectangular wooden handle.

It comes with a wooden stand and a wooden shelf with an ivory-tone wood base.

And, the antique bookcase is also available for $5, and includes a wooden handle and wooden base.

It also comes with an iron base.

There are also two more sets of antique books for $10 each.

Antique bookstores in Philadelphia have been a staple for decades, but they’ve been shrinking in numbers as local bookstores are being shuttered or moved out of town.

In the past, many antique bookstores were just for the fancy, expensive items that were often the property of wealthy individuals or their children.

But with more and more antique shops being forced to close, the owners of antique book stores have become increasingly desperate.

There are now just three remaining bookstores that have been in Philadelphia for decades: The Antique Store of Philadelphia, The Book Shop of Philadelphia and the Old Mill Bookshop.

The Antiques store, which has been in business for almost 40 years, is currently selling an entire set of antique furniture for $9.99 each.

The owner of this new antique shop, Angela P. Kohn, is hoping to expand the store into a second location by the end of the year.

It will be located in the old Mill Bookshops building at 14th and Broadway, but it won’t be open until late 2018.

P.K. Konsman, who owns the Old Mart, is also opening a new antique bookshop in the heart of the Historic District, with plans to expand to a second space at the end on West 24th Street.

KONSMAN said the Old Bookshos is a great space for a new store, because the space has the same style and the same vibe of the old place.

KONSMAN said that while the new store will be open to the public in late 2018, she is also looking for an additional space to expand and expand, so that it can offer a larger selection of books.

You have to understand, antique books are still considered valuable, and that is why they are expensive, she said.

The new store’s prices are also a little higher than what you can find at the other bookstores.

It is the same price as the Book Shop and the Antiques in the Historic Neighborhood, she added.

So, if you want a nice, well-designed antique book for a cool price, this is a place to go.

The shop owner hopes to open a second bookshop by the summer, so the owner can add books to her collection.


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