What’s in your antique safe?

It’s hard to believe the first thing a modern person thinks of when they think of an antique safe is its price tag.

That’s because many of the items found in a good antique safe were produced during the Great Depression and are now quite rare.

But there are still thousands of the little items found inside the safe that make it special.

The contents of a good vintage safe are rarely discussed and are usually kept under lock and key.

Here are 10 things you need to know about vintage safe contents.1.

A good antique safes were not always filled with gold and silver.

In the late 1930s, when the first modern safes became available, there were many other types of safes.

Some of these were filled with other metals, such as brass, bronze, copper, lead, nickel, tin, gold and so on.

But it wasn’t until the late 1960s that the first safes with safes of this type were manufactured.2.

Some antique safers were designed to protect their contents.

In many of these safes, a lock or key could be used to open the safe, which allowed people to take their possessions safely.

The same thing happened with many other safes that contained personal belongings.3.

A great old safe is usually built to last for decades.

The reason this is important is because the safes made during the Depression were built to withstand a lot of wear and tear over time.

Some older safes even went as far as to have holes drilled in the doors so that they could be opened and closed during the day.

In some cases, the safers even had a ventilation system to keep the air inside of the safe cool and dry.4.

The quality of an old safe depends on the owner.

In order for an antique safe to be a great example of a modern one, it has to have a lot more than the typical number of items.

Some safes have many more items than the average, like jewelry and fine art.

Most safes are also very large.

This can lead to a lot less room for the items inside.5.

You can find a lot that was left behind, including items from the past.

A few years ago, I saw a collection of silverware, antiques and other items that belonged to my grandfather.

I also found a collection that was once owned by a man named John T. Wilson, who owned a collection called the Tompkins Collection.

It was filled with everything that my grandfather used to do in his day, including playing chess and watching baseball.

It even had an old television.6.

A lot of items were left behind in an antique home, whether it was because they were stolen or were accidentally left there.

There are plenty of stories about things like a box of cigars left in the attic of an Italian family home that were stolen and sold to a collector in England.

Others include items that were used for cleaning, a pair of shoes left in a suitcase that were never worn and an old sewing machine that was in use for years.7.

Some people like to keep old safes and other objects as a special place in their home, or as a storage place for their belongings.

In a lot, these safe safes can be the perfect storage place.

A couple of my neighbors own a collection which includes many of my grandfathers things.

If they wanted to move the collection out, they could do so without a lot trouble.8.

A nice antique safe has a lot going on inside it.

There is probably a drawer for a pocketknife, a bookcase with an old newspaper clipping or a sewing machine, all inside of a safe.

A drawer can be a handy addition for any collection.

There can also be a large shelf that could be filled with old books or magazines.

If a lot is inside, a good old safe can be easily divided into two separate rooms.

In these safe rooms, you can easily take items and stuff out of one room and put them in the other room.

The items can be stored and displayed in the safe while you’re there.9.

An antique safe can hold many different kinds of items, from a sewing kit to a piano, a sewing book, a photo album or a painting.

Many safes also have storage space for jewelry, and many have room for clothes, books and even household tools.10.

You need to be careful when choosing an antique or vintage safe.

Most people think that antique safues are meant to last forever, but in truth, they are built to be used for a limited period of time.

When people think of old safe safe, they usually think of the last few years of their lives.

Some owners choose to preserve the items that they can find in their safes for the next few decades.

Some even choose to keep items that have been donated to a local charity or for other purposes.

You may also be able to buy an antique item from


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