How to find antique apothecaries in Glasgow

The old-school shop on the corner of Broadway and Strathmore St. has been open since 1932, but the antique apothys have been gone for years.

The owner, David MacKenzie, started his shop with a few pieces of glassware, a couple of antique glasses and an antique table, but after selling it to the Antique Furniture Gallery, the shop was taken over by Antique Apothecaries.

The two-story shop has become a go-to spot for those seeking antiques.

“I’ve been to the shop quite a few times and there’s always a few customers here,” MacKenzies says.

“But this time it was like a different world.”

He’s seen it change.

“In the mid-20th century, people came to the store and asked if we could display something,” MacKules says.

There’s now a second floor of the store that can house the store’s main collection, but that’s about it.

“There are no more antique apophys,” MacKnight says.

MacKnight opened the shop in 1984, but he was able to move it to its current location in 2012 after buying the business from a friend of his.

“That’s the reason we’re staying open.

We’ve been able to stay here for 25 years and we’ve been fortunate,” Mac Knight says.

The old shop is now a museum.

MacKKnight says there’s a chance the old shop will reopen at some point.

“People want to come in and have a look,” he says.

But MacKnight also has plans for what to do with the space.

“The future of the space is not in the building, but we will be putting it on the market,” he said.

“We’re going to be working on something.”

The space is owned by a group of family friends who started it as a hobby.

Mac Knight hopes to sell it and use the proceeds to expand the store.

“It’s not a profit-driven thing,” Mac Knights said.

He plans to open the shop again when he has enough space.

If you want to learn more about antique apotycaries in Glasgow, click here.


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