Why you shouldn’t buy a vintage piano

Vintage piano players and pianists have long been in demand.

But now they’re also finding that the market is getting saturated with new-and-improved models, making it tough to find the ones you want.

The best places to find some great old pianos are at antiques shops and car dealers.

But before you buy a new one, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your old one.


Get a good sound If you’re interested in a vintage piece of art, you’re probably looking for one that has a sound that’s more authentic than what you’re used to.

Antiques stores often sell piano soundboards and accessories, and you may be able to get them for around £50-£60.

If you want something in a more premium state, try the best soundboard and accessories from an antique shop.

There’s no shame in that.


Don’t be intimidated by prices Antique soundboards can go for as little as £50 or as much as £100.

If a piano isn’t a dealbreaker for you, it might be a good idea to buy a used one to make sure it’s not too old to be replaced.


Keep the soundboard in a safe Antique piano soundboard dealers usually put them away for a few years, but you’ll have to keep them in a secure place.

It can be tempting to buy them in bulk online, but be aware that the soundboards may be in poor condition and can contain mould.

If it’s a bad soundboard, you may want to try a soundboard repair kit to make it sound more professional.


Check for paint chips There are a lot of old pianoes that are covered in paint chips.

If the chips are on the back of the sound board, they’ll be hard to see.

If they’re on the top of the piano, they might not be noticeable at all.


Be patient If the sound has deteriorated in the last few years and you’re still looking for a good one, you might want to consider an antique piano repair kit instead of buying it online.

Antique pianos often have a repair kit that includes a wax sealer and a lubricant.

You’ll need to wash the surface and clean the instrument.


Check the condition of the wood You should also look for scratches on the sound and wood.

Antiquity stores often have the latest soundboard models and you can buy a piano sound board to match.


Check if there’s an antique certificate of authenticity If the piano is older than 60 years old, you’ll need an antique Certificate of Authenticity from the United Kingdom to sell it in Antique stores.

If there’s a certificate, you should have it signed by the owner and sent by post.

You can find it online here.

Antiauthority.com/CAD.pdf 8.

Buy the piano as soon as possible If you find that the piano isn.t up to scratch or has the scratch marks from the paint chips, it’s probably time to sell.

The longer the piano has been in storage, the more likely it is that it’ll need a good repair.

Anti-acoustic Piano Repair A piano is a fragile thing, and if it’s in bad shape, it can get ruined.

To make sure you get the best possible sound, Antiactor is your go-to shop for antique pianos.

The shop is located in the same block as the antiques store and has a huge range of piano sound boards, accessories, furniture and even vintage furniture.

It’s a great place to start, and the staff are knowledgeable about the history of antique piano sound.

Antianaacoustic.co.uk/AAP.pdf 9.

Buy a brand new soundboard Antiautories offer a large range of soundboards, so it can be hard deciding between the sound boards in your budget.

If an antique soundboard has an antique label, it may be worth checking if it has the latest models.

Anticauthority/CADA.pdf 10.

Check to make certain the sound is clean If the original soundboard is missing the wood glue, you can’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

The soundboard must be cleaned to be of a higher quality.

You should have a cleaning product on hand to wipe the glue off the surface.


Check a brand name Antiautron has a range of quality soundboard brands, including Pianosoft, Pianobox, PPG, Poulton, and Silex.

AntIAuthority /CA.pdf 12.

Choose the right wood The best soundboards are made from solid wood, but that can be tricky.

You might have to work a bit to get it right.

Antioacoustic /CA/AA.pdf 13.

Check your age Antiauthic


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