An antique ice box: An Indian invention that could change the way you decorate

An antique engagement ring, an antique side table and an antique bottle are all products that can be bought at a street vendor in India.

It’s an opportunity for people to be creative with their decor.

But there is a catch: the products are antique and require special permissions to buy.

The idea of an antique engagement or side table came to be when a woman, who was in her late 80s, went to a street stall to buy an antique icebox.

When she returned, she was told that her item could only be purchased by a special permission.

A man who saw the item was surprised.

“The only reason it was a side table was that it was in my house,” he said.

So he approached the police and got the permit for the antique side of the icebox to be purchased.

After the woman bought the ice box and the side table from the stall, she brought them to the police station to show the officials.

The police then issued a special permit for her to have the items purchased.

But when she went back to the shop to buy the other two, she found that the permission was still needed.

“They said, ‘You can’t buy this item,’ ” the woman said. 

“I said, well, I can have it.

It’s not a problem.

I just need to give them permission.

Then they gave me permission.

And I got permission.”

The man who purchased the iceboxes, who had come from a different state, told NDTV he was delighted with the outcome.

He had come to buy a new side table for his wife, who is elderly.

The owner of the antique iceboxes said the company is looking to open a factory and bring the products to India.

“The owners of the company have gone through the process and are in the process of opening a factory in a village,” said Arjun Raman, a director at the company.

“We are looking at exporting the product to other countries.”


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