This antique door knob is worth over $3,000

Antique door handles, antique hinges, antique doorbells, antique keys, antique mirrors, antique locksmiths, antiques, antique antique locks, antique watches, antique clocks, antique furniture, antique appliances, antique pots and pans, antique toys, antique jewelry, antique books, antique antiques and source Hacker Press article Vintage antique door handles and antique hinges are among the treasures at a historic antique dealer in California.

The shop, called Antique Door Hardware, in Berkeley, Calif., opened in 2011.

The collection includes a few of the best antique door handle handles in existence, including one that was built in the 1800s, according to a statement.

“The antique knob, which is a piece of metal that has a handle on it, was made by an unknown hand maker who was commissioned by a wealthy gentleman who was traveling around California at the time,” the statement reads.

“This knob was donated to the Antique Home Museum by a friend.”

The seller also says it has “a few rare antique items” that will be on display during the museum’s “Antique Home Day.”

The collection, which includes a couple of the oldest door handles on the planet, includes a piece built in 1893.

Antique Door Knobs and Hinges in the WorksAt Antique Hardware, you can buy an antique doorhandle for just $20 to $30 on eBay or in a private auction.

You can also use the antique door to get some great deals on other antique items.

Hacker News contributor Jules Evers is a former technology editor for ABC News.

You may follow him on Twitter: @jules_ewes


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