How to keep a 1911 for a lifetime

We can’t have all the guns.

So here’s a guide to keeping a 1911 that looks and feels great for years to come.

Read moreFirst, there’s the gun.

The 1911 has been around for nearly half a century, dating back to World War I. And that’s just the way it should be.

Its design, ergonomics and firepower are all superb.

But it’s also got a reputation for being a bit of a pain in the ass to get into.

There are plenty of 1911s out there with some serious flaws, from poor sights to a lack of an ambidextrous safety.

This gun is a bit different.

It has a single-action trigger and a slide that’s more ergonomically pleasing than any of its peers.

The gun’s featuresThe 1911’s design is also very much in keeping with the rest of its design.

Its contoured profile, solid and well-made construction, and overall ruggedness are all great.

The grip is also a big plus.

And the trigger has an ambi, so there’s a bit more ambidexterity.

The slide and sights are all machined from solid aluminum, and the safety is an amb.

The trigger itself is a good one, too, so it has plenty of bite.

But the 1911 also has an aggressive, aggressive feel that makes it feel like you’re really holding a 1911.

It’s also incredibly accurate.

I fired an AR-15-style pistol and a .45 ACP handgun with no problems.

It fired reliably, as I expected.

I was surprised to find that my 1911 still felt accurate even after years of use.

But if you’re not into the 1911’s ambideptics, it’s probably a better choice for you than most 1911s.

And while it does have a couple of flaws, it definitely doesn’t feel like a failure.

The trigger is a double-action-only, single-stage, single push pull trigger.

Its two-stage design means you have to push the trigger down and pull it up, and that’s a big deal.

That said, there are some triggers that are better than others.

I like my triggers to be consistent.

The Double Action Trigger (DAFT) 1911 has a good trigger that feels like it’s been polished to a very high level.

The other two triggers I tested were good but not quite up to snuff.

But both are pretty solid, and if you like the feel of double-pull triggers, you’re going to like these.

The 1911 is a 1911 with a manual safety.

The manual safety is a key part of the 1911, so you want one that’s easy to get used to.

The DAFT 1911 is pretty easy to use, even with a trigger pull that is just barely over the trigger guard.

And even with the trigger pulled up to the level of the pistol grip, the DAFT has enough grip to not feel like it is going to slip off your hand or accidentally shoot yourself.

I found the safety very easy to press and push.

The double-point safety is one of the better safety features, but it’s not something you’re likely to want to use every day.

The safety is set at a slight overpressure point, so the trigger will be pulling you in with a slight pull.

It doesn’t look like you are going to be pulling it down or anything, so I wouldn’t expect it to make you nervous or anything.

But once you get used a bit to the manual safety, it does help to have a few extra buttons to control the trigger.

The first button is the hammer.

The top right side of the trigger housing is the trigger’s hammer.

It can be pressed and pushed to lock the trigger into the firing position.

The bottom left side is the safety.

You press and hold it down and the trigger stops firing.

This safety function is really great, and I like how it gives you some options on how you like to shoot the 1911.

And it does a good job of controlling the hammer, too.

There’s also a safety switch on the left side of this safety switch.

If you’re on the right side, you can press the trigger to release the safety, which will open up the safety switch and stop the trigger from firing.

I prefer this to the one on the back of the safety button, which is what I have on the gun all the time.

And if you want to switch the safety to manual, you simply press the hammer down and release it.

You’ll see that it actually opens up the side of your 1911’s safety that has the hammer on it, so that will stop you from accidentally shooting yourself.

The safety switch also has a safety button.

The one on this side is for adjusting the trigger pull.

The pull can be adjusted with a simple pull of the thumbscrew, but you can also do it by pulling the safety lever.

The left side also has two push buttons that allow you to turn the slide or lock


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