Steamer trunk auction: $3.6 million in steamer items goes to charity

An online auction of steamer trunks at auction house Antique Steamer has raised more than $3 million for a charity that works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Antique Steaming Company founder and CEO James Mathers told ESPN Crikey the auction was the biggest one he’s ever seen.

The auctioneer took a chance on an antique steamer which has a beautiful yellow interior and is estimated to be worth $5,000,000.

He then offered $3,500 for a steamer, which Mather said would be donated to the Women’s Empowerment Trust.

The charity works with more than 4,000 survivors of sexual abuse to support them and their families through the healing process.

It is one of the largest and oldest organisations in the world.

The organisation is set up by Mather and his wife Karen in 2015 to assist women who have experienced sexual abuse and the challenges they face in the aftermath.

They have helped to rehabilitate more than 50 women in their care.

They are now working with other survivors in Australia and across the globe.

Mathers said he and his team were pleased to see a number of items from the auction go to the charity.

“We were all very excited that it would be a very good match,” he said.

“It’s a very powerful message and we wanted to raise some money.”

Auctioneer James M, pictured in the middle of the auction, said an antique auction was a chance for his charity to raise money for survivors of child sexual abuseAuction house Antiques Steaming has raised about $3m for a charitable organisation which works with victims of sexual violence.

Antiques Steamer Trunk Auction started in 2014 and has raised $1.8m for women in need of emotional and financial support.

“For those who’ve experienced abuse, it’s an incredibly difficult time,” Antiques owner James M said.”[They] feel helpless and unable to get help from the community.

They’ve got a family member or loved one that’s been impacted, and that’s often the case for the older women who are also struggling with the trauma of childhood abuse.”

There’s a sense of helplessness and helplessness in terms of not knowing what to do next.

They don’t know what to ask for, and it’s also not a fun time.

“So we’re really proud of this, because we’ve been very fortunate to be able to raise a lot of money for the Women Empowerments Trust.”

This is a great way for us to raise awareness of the importance of supporting women who’ve suffered abuse.

“Antiques owner says steamer is a key item for survivors’ needsThe auctioneers said the items in the auction included a steaming iron, a steamed bed, a bucket, a pillowcase, a mirror, a bookcase, and a box containing a bottle of water.

The items are currently on display at Antiques at the Victoria Hotel in Canberra.

Auctioneers said it was also an opportunity for survivors to donate to charities which worked with victims.”

I know there’s a lot going on and it just shows that you can’t be alone when you’ve been affected,” Antique owner James said.

He said the auction should be remembered for the many women who had helped to raise the funds.”

They want to help other people through this.””

We have a great charity now, and they’ve been incredibly brave.”

“They want to help other people through this.”



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