The most antique cars in Australia

The most classic cars in our nation have been auctioned off, with more than $3 million going to the owners of cars dating back to 1892.

Auctions house Christie’s has just announced it will auction off a collection of cars from the mid-19th century to 2020.

The collection includes more than 1,200 cars from 1892 to 2020 including two examples from the Great Depression era, as well as two examples of a 1930s Mercedes Benz.

“It’s a big deal because there’s a whole generation of Australians that grew up in those days, and they’ve never been able to drive these cars,” auctioneer Stephen Stannard told ABC News.

The Mercedes Benz is a car which was sold in 1932.

It is the only one of its kind.

The two other examples of the 1930s Benz are from a time when the car was seen as an economic success.

“These were cars that were really popular in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

They were so popular that people had this image of them being luxury cars,” Mr Stannards said.”

They were very fast, they were very comfortable, they could do anything.

It was a luxury car that was very popular in those times.”

This is the car that they really wanted and that they had no other choice.

“The Mercedes and Benz have been sold for almost $20 million.”

There are some cars that are very well known in Australia that are now just too good not to be able to be driven,” Mr Shrews said.



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