Vintage Antique Door Knobs for $1,800

Vintage antique door knob sets are getting a new lease on life in the market with a $1.8 million restoration.

The doors are old, but the hinges are functional and work beautifully.

They were bought in the late 1970s for $5,500, and are being restored to their original condition for a whopping $1.,800.

The old door knobby hinges, which were bought by the National Museum of American History in 1958, are the only ones remaining from a collection of antique doors from the 1920s.

They came from a company called L-Boc.

L-Bloc is a British company that specializes in antique door handles, but they’re the only one that has a business license in the United States.

They also own a property on the other side of the border, in San Diego.

This antique door knob restoration project started with a friend, Michael DeGrazia, who had been working with the National Art Museum of the United Kingdom in Washington, D.C., to find a way to restore antique doorknobs that were owned by the British Museum in London.

He had to find an antique dealer to do the restoration.

“It was a challenge to find these door knobbies because we didn’t have them in the collection.

We didn’t know where they came from,” DeGuzia told ABC News.

He says the doors were purchased in the 1930s and they were found in a London hotel.

The museum acquired the old doors, and they came with a certificate of authenticity from the owner, who was a curator at the British Library in London and the owner of L-bloc.

They had been sent to L-Bot, a company based in England, to do a restoration, and L-BLoc’s founder, Roger Moore, said they were perfect.

“They’re the best.

They’re all the way from the 1940s,” Moore said.

“They’re all authentic.

They’ve been tested and the hinges were tested and so forth.

They worked like a charm.

They’ll hold a door up.

They work as well as any door knob you could get.

They come with the right hinges.

They just need to be put back together again.”

DeGuzio and Moore decided to restore the door knobbets to their standards, but he also wanted to have them restored in a way that would preserve them as antique and also be beautiful to look at.

The door knuckles are all in good shape and the hinge work is spotless, but there’s a bit of a creak in the hinges.

“You can feel the weight and feel the tension, but that’s about it,” Moore told ABCNews.

“The hinge is all correct, but you still feel the creak.”

The door knOBs were a popular piece of furniture at the time, so they’re all in pretty good shape.

There’s no creaking or squeaking in the door knob, but DeGozia says he was worried about how well the hinges would hold up over time.

“If they’re going to hold up for a long time, I want them to be beautiful,” he said.

DeGozio was able to get the hinge in the right position and then glue it back together.

“That’s the only way it can hold up,” Moore explained.

“Then you can just put it back in the cabinet, and it’ll work.”

Moore said that the doors are so well-loved that they’ll be on display for a while.

“We’re going back and forth on it,” he told ABCNEWS.

“This is an incredibly important piece of art,” DeSantis said.

It’s a really special piece of history.

It really has an emotional connection for me.

We’ve done restoration work on these things.

I love the history of it.

“The project will take about three months to complete, and the restoration of the doorknOBs will take four years.

The doors will be on loan at the National Historic Landmark Museum in Washington from October 2018 to June 2021.


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