The Antiques Corner of Columbus Circle in Columbus Circle

From the Antiques and Art Gallery of Columbus, the Columbus Circle landmark has been a symbol of Ohio’s rich cultural heritage for more than 200 years.

But in the past decade, the city has become increasingly focused on its burgeoning tech sector.

Now, an innovative project is transforming the iconic landmark into an urban hub for the tech industry.

The project is the centerpiece of the city’s new Urban Innovation Hub.

The city is planning to create a cluster of office space and retail space around the new space.

The project will create a public art installation that will be visible to the public and accessible to those who can afford to pay for it, said Mark Johnson, senior vice president of planning and design for the city.

“We’re going to do it for free,” he said.

Johnson said the city is looking to create “an art museum that will help define the history of the district and the culture of the area.”

He said the project will not only be an opportunity for the public to come to the site for free, but also provide an opportunity to engage with the community.

The museum will be located at the corner of Euclid and Broad Streets, Johnson said.

“This is going to be a unique piece of art that will not be visible for anyone, but will give people an opportunity,” Johnson said of the installation.

“It’s going to change the way people think about what we’re about.

It’s going, ‘This is the way it should be.'”

The project is one of several in the works around the city that seek to modernize the historic space and attract a new generation of tech workers.

Other urban initiatives include a new street-level park at Columbus Circle and the construction of a new library on Euclid.

For more than 50 years, the landmark has stood in the middle of Columbus Square, with its colorful facade and bronze-colored stone steps.

It has become a place for the community to gather to relax, shop, play, visit friends and enjoy an afternoon stroll.

The Columbus Circle Art Museum is a nonprofit institution that promotes and preserves the history and significance of the Columbus skyline, city, and the history, culture and art of Columbus.

It is supported by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The art gallery is located at 2720 Euclid St., across from the former Columbus Municipal Building, at Euclid Place and Broad Street.


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