Watch: What It’s Like to See an Antique Firefighter Fight in Theaters for the First Time

An antique fire fighter in Theatres for the first time.

A former fire fighter, David O’Reilly, is a new voice in the theater industry who takes on an old job.

He’s in a show that was never on Broadway, but he got it on Theatrical Stage for the premiere.

It’s a role that has him in the role of a fireman.

The show was a huge hit with audiences and was so well received that David’s casting in a musical was announced.

It was so popular that his casting was announced as well.

I’m here to show you why it’s such a big deal to be in a Broadway musical.

This is David’s first time doing a Broadway show, and he’s a veteran of the industry.

So, he has to be very, very familiar with what it takes to be a fire man, and to go into a theater and to perform that role for an audience of more than 50 million people is very special.

David has had this role for years and it’s something that he has always dreamed of doing.

The production was filmed in Los Angeles and New York City.

“The Musical” was written by Christopher L. Carter and directed by Tony winner, John Slattery.

The cast includes:David O’Rourke as John Geddes, the Chief Fireman of the Fire Department in New York.

Diane Rea as the Chief of the Department of Public Health, the Executive Director of the Office of the Mayor.


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