How to save $30,000 with an antique window upgrade

It’s the perfect time to buy an antique, says the owner of a historic, historic-style home in the suburbs of Chicago.

But it’s a little trickier than you might think.

“When you buy an old house, you want to keep it that way,” says John Kostka, the owner and founder of the historic-yard furniture store Kostkas Furniture.

You can’t just throw it in the bin.

Kostkeas says he and his wife, Joanna, have built a small family-friendly home that incorporates an old, antique-style window.

He and his husband bought a home in an historic district in the 1990s.

It was one of the first homes in the area to have an open-air living room and kitchenette, and it had an original wooden staircase that led to the second floor.

After the couple bought the home, they built it into a small, historic home that’s still a work in progress.

They bought it to give themselves a little bit of space to renovate the interior.

They took the original kitchenette out and replaced it with a modern kitchen and added an antique-styled window.

They installed a second one to the same dimensions.

Now, they have a big, beautiful, and elegant kitchen that will be available for anyone who wants to have a great time.

The window, which measures about two feet high, is designed to hang from the wall with a hook and loop, so that it can be pulled out and hung.

It also features a wood panel on the top that holds the door open.

The window is made of reclaimed timber, which Kostkas says makes it look like the original one, but is still beautiful and sturdy.

It’s so easy to hang the window up and then pull it down, he says.

Kustas says that he and Joanna bought the window from a company that sells antique glass windows.

In the back of the home is a custom-built window stand that holds it open, as well as a large, decorative window panel.

The two panels are made from a single piece of reclaimed wood, and the windows are made out of walnut.

The house also has an elegant wood-burning stove that can be set up to keep the heat from coming in.

Kostkas says that the home can be decorated to look like any of the homes in their neighborhood, and that it’s just one of many homes that can make a statement in the neighborhood.

And it’s so inexpensive, Kostas says, that it will allow people to spend the rest of their lives in the house.

If you’re looking for an antique style home, you can probably find one that will do the trick.

But you’ll have to be careful.


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