‘It’s been amazing’: Vintage antique couch is an art form

The story of how an antique couch was first made and sold is a fascinating tale that has captivated art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Archaeologists discovered the couch in 1912 when the owners of the small Victorian home they lived in in South Africa’s Cape Town city were trying to sell it.

They bought it from a local dealer, and it was later used as a temporary home for the family.

In 1917, it was sold to the owners’ son, Johannes, who used it as a living room and a dining room.

The family then rented out the sofa to the community, and the couch was turned into a popular antique furniture store.

It was only in the 1990s that the family moved into a modern apartment and began to decorate it.

After a decade of use as a sofa, the antique furniture shop was purchased by a local developer in the early 2000s, and they converted it into an antique market, which now boasts over 40 vendors.

The owner’s son also has an antique TV stand.

He has since turned it into a private museum, and also a popular market for the sale of antique furniture.

It has been estimated that there are currently between 1,000 and 2,000 vintage antique furniture pieces, which he sells to buyers around the world.

“There’s no way to quantify what’s in the store, so I’m not sure what’s worth what,” said Nils-Peter Eriksen, the head of the antique museum.

“But I think there’s a lot of money to be made here.”

I’m not aware of any other antique furniture place in the world that sells so much.

“A good quality, high-quality antique couch can be worth around $US1,000 to $US3,000 ($2,000-$3,500), he said.

Eriksen said he was impressed by the fact that most of the furniture is not as expensive as it used to be.”

It’s a bit like a gift, I guess, for your family,” he said, adding that the shop sells a lot more antique furniture than the average store.”

A lot of people who come here buy the chairs and the table, and I guess it’s just that people are willing to pay that price.

“It is difficult to find a good quality antique couch in South African cities.

In Durban, the most expensive furniture in the country is a black-and-white TV stand, which costs around $500 ($1,200 for a set of eight), and there are few good examples left.

Some of the more expensive chairs, however, can be found in the back of the market, where they sell for around $2,500 ($4,000 for a pair).

But for many people, the idea of buying an antique sofa is a long-held dream, and a hobby they continue to pursue despite the financial difficulties.”

When I was young, I used to go to the local flea market to get my furniture,” said one woman who goes by the name of Nika, who was once a regular visitor at the market.”

And I used that as an excuse to go on and buy all kinds of things that I wanted.

“But in the past two years, Nika said she had been unable to make a sale.”

Nowadays, it’s harder,” she said.”

The prices are so high, but the furniture, and how much I get, it doesn’t seem to matter.

“It’s also difficult to keep up with all the different items on offer.”

In the old days, when I used the sofa as a bed, I could just bring it to the house, and then I could take it with me,” she added.”

You could sit on it and you could even use it as your own dining table.

“But now she said she has lost interest in the sofa.”

If I had a big sofa, it would be really nice, but now it’s kind of useless,” she admitted.



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