How to use an antique wedding band as a console table

A couple from the UK are celebrating their first ever vintage wedding on a vintage console table.

The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, bought their first antique wedding ring on eBay last week and it has since become a cherished relic.

“It was originally bought as a wedding ring for my parents,” one of the couple said.

“They’re both 70 years old and it was just a fun, simple thing to buy.”

The ring has just gone back into a box and I’ve just bought a new one so we can spend the rest of our lives together.

“The couple were in the US in April for the wedding of their daughter, but decided to stay for the weekend to get married.”

We’re really excited to celebrate with her on her birthday,” the couple added.”

I think it’s such a nice piece of vintage furniture that you can’t really put it down.

“Antique wedding bands are an interesting option for couples who can’t find a matching piece of antique furniture to enjoy together.”

You can buy them for around £200 for a wedding band and they’re actually very good quality,” a member of the online auction site said.

The first vintage wedding ring sold on eBay on April 25 was a $300 wedding band from a 1930s wedding band factory in New York.

Antique console tables are becoming more popular, as is a new trend for couples looking to add a little more sparkle to their weddings.”

There are quite a few console tables that we’ve just recently seen in the marketplace,” a spokesperson for vintage wedding band company the Vintage Wedding Band said.

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