Which is the best antique furniture store in Canada?

A recent article by the Calgary Herald put the spotlight on one of the country’s largest antique furniture stores in the city’s downtown.

It’s the Medina antique buffet cabinet company, and it’s known for making some of the most well-known antique furniture items in the country.

Medina was founded in the 1920s by one of Calgary’s most successful restaurateurs, Frank Sarnoff.

Sarnoff, who died in 2012, founded the company to create a variety of furniture for restaurants, hotels and apartments, all of which he sold to other owners and sold them back to the public.

His company was famous for creating a variety in the late 1940s and early 1950s of the classic, rustic, and elegant furniture that was still in demand when he first started it.

He would then sell it to the private market.

When I first started out with Medina, we sold about 70 per cent of what we were selling in the private markets to restaurants.

Frank Saino, founder of Medina article One of the best-known items that is sold at Medina is the “Sarno’s Cabinet” of the 1950s and 1960s, which was a “classic” cabinet with an oak panel, which is known to be one of Medine’s most popular items.

Sailor Ross was an American actor who was the grandson of Frank Sannos.

Ross’s grandfather, Frank Ross Sarno, is considered the father of modern American furniture design, and the Ross family’s history of making beautiful furniture is something that is shared by all the members of the family.

Sardine, Sarnos grandson, was one of several prominent figures in the furniture industry that were friends of Sarnow’s, including Frank Savero, whose son and namesake is Sarnows grandson.

Saveros son is also a renowned designer of furniture and the president of the Ross & Marshall Design Group.

Savero was a successful owner of several furniture and appliance companies, including the Sarnof’s and Ross’s furniture companies.

The family business also owned the furniture and appliances business for several years, until Saveron sold the business to his wife in 2000.

Saino died in 2008.

The company is now run by Saverow, but the son, Ross, is running the company, which has been around for almost a decade.

It currently has five stores in Calgary and four in the United States.

It also has stores in Vancouver, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.

The furniture and accessory industry is a very important part of the economy in Calgary, which accounts for about 14 per cent to 16 per cent, of the citys total gross domestic product.

Saveno, who owned the company for nearly 60 years, also built a reputation for the quality of his work.

In a 2002 interview with CBC, he said he would not take anything away from his customers.

He said he is proud to work with them and I will be proud to do the same.

He also said he was proud of the quality that he had created, even though he had never been a professional designer.

In a statement released by the company in 2017, the Saveno family said it is proud of its history of providing furniture for clients throughout the world.

The statement said the company has been a long-time supporter of the arts, education, and cultural programs of the University of Calgary and other universities around the world and that it continues to be active in the Calgary arts scene.

Sarto said the family is still very proud of that legacy, and he plans to continue to grow the company and help to support it by developing new brands.


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