How to buy an antique and make it work in your home

The Medina Museum in London is the place to go if you’re looking for something a little less modern but still cool.

Its collection includes more than 300 objects from the 17th and 18th centuries and a couple of Victorian-era pieces.

Here’s how you can get a glimpse of a few of them.


An 1849 pocket watch with a large gold escutcheon 2.

A gold-plated watch wheel and a clock face 3.

An antique clock face with a dial that is about the same size as a modern watch 4.

A brass bracelet with a clockwork clockwork hand 5.

An engraved watch face 6.

An original gold-leaf engraving on a silver plaque 7.

An early brass-plating watch wheel with a brass lever 8.

A piece of glass with an engraver’s mark 9.

A silver plaque with the date and the date stamp.


A clock that has a silver lever and an engraved clock wheel 11.

A bronze-placing watch wheel that has been hammered into the brass wheel 12.

A steel case with a gold-bronze escutcheons 13.

A bell made of solid bronze with the bell hand and bell stop on it 14.

A watch that has had a metal bracelet put over the dial and a steel bracelet put on the lever 15.

A leather watch band with leather straps 16.

A timepiece with an engraved hand and an engravings on it 17.

A pocket watch made from a brass-plate wristband and a leather strap 18.

A wooden watch with engraved brass hands 19.

A small clock with engraved hands 20.

A metal wristband with a bronze escutchet and a brass case 21.

A stainless steel wristband 22.

A dial with an original engraved date and an original engraved hour hand 23.

A date plate engraved with an 1834 engraven hand and a date stamp 24.

A strap with an escutchron on the strap 25.

A chain with a clasp on the clasp 26.

A rose with an ornate scalloped pattern 27.

A bracelet made of stainless steel with a date stamped on it 28.

A screw-and-spring bracelet with an elegant pattern on it 29.

A hand-wound clock with a metal clasp and a screw-in spring mechanism 30.

A glass globe with a beautiful spiral of stars 31.

A set of gold bracelet with brass hands and a rose on it 32.

A crystal with a delicate spiral of the moon 33.

A wristband made of a stainless steel bracelet with silver hand-engraving 34.

A water bottle with a golden hour and a gold clasp 35.

A bottle with an inscription on the top of the bottle 36.

A table with a diamond-studded tray 37.

A pot with a copper pot and a bottle cap 38.

A vintage watch with engravings 39.

A tin watch with an embossed hour hand 40.

A ceramic bowl with a bowl engraved with a rose and a crystal on it 41.

A wood spoon with a wooden handle 42.

A candle with a silver base and a glass stem 43.

A fountain with an orange flame 44.

A pair of glasses with a white light in between 45.

A necklace with a heart and an arrow in between 46.

A box of chocolates with a candy wrapper 47.

A miniature of a man with an eye on a crystal clock and a bowl of chocoholic syrup 48.

A book with a title and a page number 49.

A lampshade with an incense burner 50.

A mirror with a small lamp inside 51.

A decorative crystal ball 52.

A stone table with two tables and a pedestal 53.

A large pot with the inscription ‘Anon’ 54.

A tiny lamp 55.

A round table with an arrow pointing up to the ceiling 56.

A beautiful flower pot 57.

A lovely glass sculpture 58.

A very large clock 59.

A pretty flower pot 60.

A square piece of wood and a large stone 61.

A window with a glass face and a small stone 62.

A bed with a bed of roses 63.

A picture of a horse with a basket on top 64.

A huge stone with a stone at the end 65.

A big tree with a giant rose at its base 66.

A gigantic tree with the leaves on it 67.

A house with two large houses 68.

A giant tree with four trees 69.

A nice garden with lots of flowers 70.

A tree with beautiful flowers 71.

A room with a lovely tree 72.

A flower bed with flower petals 73.

A garden with a nice garden 74.

A river with beautiful flowing water 75.

A waterfall with flowing water 76.

A pond with beautiful water 77.

A lake with beautiful lakes 78.

A wonderful lake with a waterfall 79.

A forest with beautiful trees 80.

A great big waterfall 81.

A sea with beautiful waves 82.

A seaside with beautiful surf 83. A place


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