An antique compass is a ‘super weapon’

The idea of a “super weapon” of the American Revolution is not just an idea but one that has played out in our time.

But the compass, the weapon that helped to defeat the English and English-speaking tribes, is not a new concept.

As the early 17th century approached, the British used it in the wars of the Revolutionary War, when it was a staple in their arsenal.

In 1780, the Revolutionary Army used a compass to help track the movements of the French troops in their war against the French and the British.

But it was not until 1799 that it was made the mainstay of the British military.

It was a weapon, said historian Robert Ricks, that was used to great effect by the Continental Army, which defeated the French in the American Revolutionary War.

The compass was, Ricks said, “a super weapon” that was “a very important element of the battlefield.”

And it was used so effectively that the compass was actually used by the British as a reference for their maps.

The British used a different compass in the Revolutionary conflict, but one used by Americans, and that is a more modern one.

In 1806, British Captain William Smith and his men set out to make a map for the American colonies, but he was unable to use the compass.

Instead, he relied on his own eyes.

Smith and his troops set out on their journey to make their map, but when they arrived in the New England colony, they were met by a man named George Washington, who gave them his own compass.

“Washington had a beautiful compass, and he wanted to make one,” Ricks told CBS News.

“He made one and brought it back with him.”

Washington had the compass to prove to the colonists that his compass was the best, so they could travel through the wilderness without relying on the compass that Smith had provided.

The map of New England that Washington and his companions made and gave to the American colonists, was made in 1809, just a year after the Revolutionary war.

As we all know, Smith and Washington were successful at making the map that the American colonial government wanted to use for the Revolutionary wars.

The map was made using the same compass that was in Smith’s.

In the late 1800s, when the British decided to leave England, they needed a compass that would help them get to the New World, and they didn’t want a compass for the British to use as a guide.

They instead turned to the Americans.

A map of the New York area by the American Civil War map company.

When the British and the Americans came to the conclusion that the British would never use the American compass to get to New England, a British map company, the American Map Company, came up with a new compass.

This one, named the “Canadian” compass, was designed to work with the British compass.

The American Map Co. patented this new compass in 1802.

But Smith and the American soldiers who made the map were not satisfied with the map made by the Americans, so the British wanted a new one.

The Americans then made the first Canadian compass in 1901.

American military officers at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

This is a Canadian compass, made by Smith and a group of other Americans, in the 1870s.

That same year, British officers made their first compass in England, and this is what they had in mind.

What was this “Canadian compass” doing in 1807?

“The Canadian compass is actually a compass from the 1790s,” Rips said.

“It’s a compass invented by a British soldier named William Stroud.”

The British government had decided that they would use a compass made by Stroud, who was an American, and it was this compass that made it possible for the Americans to cross the English Channel and get to North America.

Ricks said the British also had a new “Canadian map” in 1817, which had a map of North America in the top left corner.

During the American civil war, the Americans wanted the compass they had used during the war to be used during their war with the English.

After the Civil War, the compass for Smith and Stroud was used as the guide for British soldiers to track their horses, and the compass used by British officers to track British soldiers and supply soldiers during the Revolutionary battle.

By the 19th century, Smith had made a “Canadian-made” compass and had also invented a “British-made compass.”

But by the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Americans didn’t like the idea of British-made guides.

They were worried that the “British compass” was better than the “American compass.”

The Americans had also used a British-built compass in their battle against the Native Americans, but that was different.

Some Americans objected to the idea that the Canadians should be the ones who had the “right” compass


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